Workshop Papers:

Andrew Drozdov and Samuel Bowman. The Coadaptation Problem when Learning How and What to Compose. 2017. Extended Abstract. (workshop)

Unpublished Work:

Adina Williams, Andrew Drozdov, Samuel Bowman. 2017. Learning to parse from a semantic objective: It works. Is it syntax? (pdf)

Katrina Evtimova, Andrew Drozdov, Douwe Kiela, Kyunghyun Cho. 2017. Emergent Language in a Multi-Modal, Multi-Step Referential Game. (pdf, source)

Katrina Evtimova and Andrew Drozdov. Advised by David Sontag. 2016. Understanding Mutual Information and its use in InfoGAN. (pdf)

Andrew Drozdov. 2016. Batched Shift Reduce Parsing with lists of Vectors on CUDA. (pdf)

Sébastien Jean, Andrew Drozdov, and Arpit Jain. 2015. POS Tagging and Chunking with Subword2Word Models. (pdf)