I'm a PhD student at UMass Amherst co-advised by Professors Andrew McCallum and Mohit Iyyer, and member of UMass NLP



Main Conference
Zhiyang Xu, Andrew Drozdov, Jay Yoon Lee, Tim O'Gorman, Subendhu Rongali, Dylan Finkbeiner, Shilpa Suresh, Mohit Iyyer and Andrew McCallum
Improved Latent Tree Induction with Distant Supervision via Span Constraints
EMNLP 2021
Andrew Drozdov, Subendhu Rongal, Yi-Pei Chen, Tim O'Gorman, Mohit Iyyer, Andrew McCallum
Unsupervised Parsing with S-DIORA: Single Tree Encoding for Deep Inside-Outside Recursive Autoencoders
EMNLP 2020
Andrew Drozdov, Pat Verga, Yi-Pei, Mohit Iyyer, Andrew McCallum
Unsupervised Labeled Parsing with Deep Inside-Outside Recursive Auto-Encoders
EMNLP 2019
Andrew Drozdov, Pat Verga, Mohit Yadav, Mohit Iyyer, Andrew McCallum
Unsupervised Latent Tree Induction with Deep Inside-Outside Recursive Auto-Encoders
NAACL 2019
[paper] [code]
Katrina Evtimova, Andrew Drozdov, Douwe Kiela, Kyunghyun Cho
Emergent Communication in a Multi-Modal, Multi-Step Referential Game
ICLR 2018
[paper] [code]
Adina Williams, Andrew Drozdov, Samuel Bowman
Learning to parse from a semantic objective: It works. Is it syntax?
TACL 2018
[paper] [code]
Swarup Satish, Zonghai Yao, Andrew Drozdov, Boris Veytsman
The impact of preprint servers in the formation of novel ideas
EMNLP 2020
[Workshop on Scholarly Document Processing]
Andrew Drozdov and Samuel Bowman
The Coadaptation Problem when Learning How and What to Compose
ACL 2017 (Extended Abstract)
[Workshop on Representation Learning for NLP]
Unpublished Work
Katrina Evtimova and Andrew Drozdov (Advised by David Sontag)
Understanding Mutual Information and its use in InfoGAN
Course Paper for Inference and Representation (2016)
[paper] [award]
Sébastien Jean, Andrew Drozdov, and Arpit Jain
POS Tagging and Chunking with Subword2Word Models
Course Paper for Statistical Natural Language Processing (2015)